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Plant a Tree and Make a Park Better

It’s no secret that the ecosystem relies on trees for many of the natural processes that take place in the environment. But it’s easy to lose sight of the value of trees, and take them for granted. Trees and plants are an invaluable part of our ecosystem, and that's why Arbor Day was created.

The Benefits of Trees:

  •         • Preserve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen
  •         • Help keep streams and groundwater clean
  •         • Prevent runoff and soil erosion
  •         • Raise property values
  •         • Save energy and keep temperatures lower by providing shade
  •         • Stimulate economic development by attracting business and tourism


What is Arbor Day All about?

A pioneer named J. Sterling Morton is credited with the creation of Arbor Day. He was a journalist who advocated for tree-planting in Nebraska. In the 1800’s, trees were an essential necessity of life, from fuel to building materials. The holiday began taking place nationwide in 1882, and is normally celebrated on the last Friday in April.

However, many states also have their own date to carry out Arbor Day traditions according to their prime tree-planting season. Here in Texas, for example, we celebrate our Arbor Day on the first Friday in November. To find out your state-specific Arbor Day, click here..

How to Choose Your Tree:

The Arbor Day Foundation is selling bulk tree seedlings that are 6 to 12 inches in length in celebration. The seedlings must be ordered 50 at a time, which makes this offer perfect for a group or community-wide planting event. Each order of 50 seedlings costs $39.00. However, some tree species are restricted in certain states.

To find out which varieties will thrive in your area, start by determining your hardiness zone here. The 11 Plant Hardiness Zones are based on the average annual minimum temperature in different areas of North America.

Once you’ve found your hardiness zone, choose any seedlings that are listed in the Zone you live in! Customizable Gift Trees are also available for purchase at the Arbor Day Foundation website. These make a meaningful, memorable gift for special occasions. Visit the Tree Nursery to see what else the foundation has to offer! Or, put some greenery of your own into your site with a purchase of our commercial planters. We have a number of materials and styles with custom options to match your space.

How to Get Involved:

Planting isn’t the only way to get involved and celebrate our world’s wonderful trees. The Arbor Day Foundation provides tons of resources to help communities plan fun events that everyone can participate in. Here are some of our favorites:


We encourage you to explore the Arbor Day Foundation website for yourself to read more about the importance of trees and the programs available to help preserve and protect them. In the words of Mr. J. Sterling Morton, “Each generation takes the Earth as trustees.”

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